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Over the last few years, developments in the telecommunications world have multiplied the volume of planet wide business relations. However having the world within one's grasp does not guarantee efficient communications. Linguistic barriers and cultural differences can often render our commonly available communication processes and methods quite useless.
Thus, efficient professional translation processes are a paramount necessity in today's business world for any expanding company.
That's why we aim to offer the best available solutions to our client's linguistic needs.

Translation of various kinds of texts and documents in many formats:
· Legal Texts
· Business Texts
· Technical Documents
· Manuals
· Educational & Cultural Texts
· Financial Documents
· Personal Documentation
· Web Pages
· Advertisements & Brochures
· Literature

Software Localization
Translation & Localization (Differencies)
Translation and localization are related terms that are frequently confused. Translation is the process of converting the contents of a specific language into another thus making them available to speakers of different languages.
Localization is a step forward and is focused on modifying a product in such a way that local consumers are unable to notice any linguistic differences when compared with a locally produced product. This process takes all kinds of cultural aspects into account: weights and measures, alphabetical criteria, fiscal standards, geographical locations, etc.
Consumers will always choose applications in their own language and placed within their own cultural environment. And thanks to competition, the consumer has an ever-growing range of alternatives to choose from.

Software providers are becoming more and more aware of the significance and benefits to be obtained from a solid localization of their products. The demand for localization is on the up and up but nevertheless it still remains difficult to find sufficiently skilled agencies and professionals with the necessary support, resources and conditions at hand.
Your website is your company's image and for translation purposes it's necessary to bear in mind not only many important technical factors but also specific linguistic issues. Localized versions must respect the desired impact of the original, and also be properly written to remain accurate, convincing and specifically aimed at your target audience.

That's why we aim to offer the best available solutions to our client's linguistic needs. Therefore, if you are in need of qualified translators with a solid background and knowledge of the tools and procedures inherent to the Localization Software area, rest assured that we are the ideal team to meet your needs!

Quality Assurance (Proofreading, review, editing of texts):
"Quality control... nothing is more important!"
The importance of quality in written language is beyond doubt - it's your business card!
Many years of experience in quality control of translated texts from every conceivable media area (web sites, technical documentation, commercial material, brochures, company reports, etc.) are available to you - whatever the nature of your texts may be and regardless of whether a translation is required or not.

Our technical skills in translation and localization have been acquired throughout long years of working together. When proofreading, we will follow your wishes - observing the proofreading instructions whether working on file or on paper.

DTP & Engineering
Our Design services range from corporate design to Web design.
Our DTP services take care of everything concerning file layouts. This includes scanning printed material to generating editable files, layouts, as well as processing image files and preparing graphic files for final delivery.

Web-design services involve creating original designs, with usability, internationalization and Search Engine optimization issues always in mind. Development of web pages for Internet sites or Intranets.

Engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software, web- and localization-related work.
Engineering services range from testing to engineering. We follow modern testing standards based on industry standards with the latest applications and procedures.

We strive to provide services with the best-practice standards and effective processes used to create and/or maintain software, web or computer related products for our client.
Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the localization of tools and procedures within a wide selection of programs.